10 home-decor ideas under Rs 500

Think of home décor and you are likely to break into a sweat, both at the thought of the work involved and with the fear of breaking your bank! What if we said we have 10 fab ideas to do up your place, which do not cost you more than Rs 500 each. Incredulous you say? Read on…

#1 Paint- There is no better makeover than paint! Hold on, we aren’t suggesting that you unleash a whole painting workforce onto your otherwise settled hearth! But did you know bright accents can make a lot of difference. Paint the insides of a bookshelf with a bright color, or the ceiling or even the kitchen cabinet & see your home acquire a whole new hue.

#2 Bold Cushions - Add energy to a regular sofa with bold cushions- a pop of color or bold geometric designs can go a long way in invigorating your living room.

#3 Floral Bedspreads- They are the easiest way to ensure there is spring in your house & step! No matter what the season outside you have more than enough reason to come back to a house that looks spring like, all year round!

#4 Quirky Pieces-Add character to the room with quirky pieces, be it fun coasters or a quirky vase filled with fresh flowers in colorful hues.

#5 Color Theme- It pays to choose a color theme. Once you have done that let that color flash at different places. So if your accent color is red, let it peep from the cord you use to tie the curtains or a candle, a picture frame….the possibilities are simply endless.

#6 Plates- Plates in unexpected colors make for great wall art. Choose different colors, textures & sizes & see it become the focal point of the room.

#7 Photographs- A Gallery of memorable photos mounted on the wall not only adds character to your living room but also send you on a trip down memory lane whenever you have the time to stand & stare.

#8 Candles- Use candles as home décor accessories & see the world compliment you on your impeccable taste. Place them on large surfaces – a coffee table, a window sill… you are limited only by your imagination. Group candles of the same color but in different heights ensconced in glass containers & see the room light up.

#9 Mirrors- Prop up a large mirror and see the room turn…well, roomier! When you find yourself peering into it, you can’t help but admire the piece of art that stares back.

#10 Repurpose- This one doesn’t even cost Rs 500! Simply take out all your home accessories and try putting them in a box. Now with a fresh new perspective, start to rearrange them in places where they are most impactful. Here are some handy tips- In rearranging pieces, make sure they have something in common, whether it’s the theme or color. When arranging books, for example, alternate horizontal stacks with vertical ones. It also helps to pay attention to visual weight. For example, three smaller vases can balance one larger vase. Simple rearrangement such as this can have you stare at an intriguing new set up!

Whoever said affordable is not impactful! Try these DIY ideas & see your house scream instant chic!

10 things women want in bed (but never ask)

A recent survey conducted across 1000 people brought to the fore 3
pre- requisites for a great sex life
1. Physical Attraction
2.  Emotional Intimacy
3.  Feeling secure
Sure these are pre-requisites but sex is about so many things — love, eroticism, connection, pure fun!. How often do we actually make the time & effort to get the synapses sparking and not give in to just to that familiar routine?
Here is a cheat sheet for all you men to turn on that special woman in your life. Coming up, in no special order are the ten things that women want in bed but never ask!

1. Turning on the romance – It may not sound like much but that whole thing of rose petals on the bed with candles lit all over, ups the romance quotient like little else. And there isn’t a better turn on for her than romance! Every woman dreams of being spoilt by her man, so take time to pamper her- massage her, caress every muscle and see it become taut with anticipation. Call it foreplay, if you will, actually this is just a precursor of the great times, to follow!

2. Raw Passion- Whispering sweet nothings is all very well to woo her! But brace yourself- in bed women like raw passion! So go ahead and get imaginative. Make no bones about telling her with your actions how desperately you need her. Secret Tip- Remember to closely watch her body language as you do this. Quick breathing & you are on the right track… even a little stiffening of the body & its time to reconsider.



3. Giving it to fantasies- Now this one is bound to spice up your life for sure. All you need to do is delve into her mind and indulge her fantasies like never before. Whether it is those spankings or a rest room quickie- it will be worth your while as you find her returning the favor.



4. Adventure- Sure there is comfort in a familiar set up, but believe it or not women crave for some adventure in their sex lives. Once it gets down to becoming a chore, boredom is sure to follow. So spice up your life…go ahead and ask your girl what her fantasy role play is and enact it out for her….for real. So if she has been dreaming of actually going up to a bar & pretending to meet that hot stranger, its time the two of you walked into that upscale pub. Fake this one & add a zing to your relationship… remember Shaadi ke side effects? (We are talking about the movie & not the side effects that follow after the saat pheras!)

Image Courstesy : cosmopolitan.com

5. Caressing & kissing- No there’s no contradiction in displaying raw passion & yet taking the time every now & then to caress the small of her back or kiss her parted lips. After all the concept of yin & yang is pretty well established, isn’t it?


6. Dirty Talking- Yes, women may never admit it for fear of being judged but dirty talking is a huge turn on. Study after study has shown that couples who get verbally nasty in bed show improved levels of intimacy. Try it out of the bedroom though & say goodbye to the relationship!



7. Doling out orders- Women love it when men take charge in the bedroom. Tell her exactly what you want her to do- simple commands will have her ride the pleasure wave, in being able to please you.



8. Be vocal- So you thought women love everything prim & proper? Hear this- they secretly want to hear you moaning & groaning to tell them that they are doing a good job. Don’t hesitate to put your mouth to good use (no pun intended!)



9. Verbal Affirmation- Research says that a simple “I Love you” is the biggest turn on for a woman in bed. Now did you need statistics to tell you that?



10. Ending it with love - If all you do after sex is to turn over & sleep, think again. Cuddle up, talk to her, compliment her & see her fall… err or is it rise in love, all over again!

Most importantly, relax in the thought that women don’t expect men to be mind readers- it is enough just to be curious about every detail of her body . And sure enough, once you do that, her body, will do all the talking & lead you through.

How to make the most of a small apartment.

Are you thinking twice about buying a dress you so like because the closet in your small apartment cannot accommodate any more clothes? Do you hesitate in inviting more than 2 people over for dinner in your small apartment? Our advice is not to let space constrain you from doing things you want.

Multi-functionality is the watchword

Go about carefully choosing elements that are capable of, well, multitasking. When looking for a table, for example, look for something, that works as a desk & yet can double up as a dining table. A sofa cum bed works best for days you have guests while otherwise keeping the look de-cluttered. As a thumb rule, go in for pieces that lend themselves to easy re-arrangement as opposed to bulky pieces.

Illusion of Expanse

When you do not have too much space, do the next best thing- create an illusion of expanse. This can be achieved in multiple ways- mirrors at various locations or furnishings that are see through instead of curtains that are heavy & seem restrictive.

Maximize Light

As much as possible, try to maximize light for that is one thing that makes your apartment look larger. Whether it means bringing down a wall, increasing the size of a window or hanging glass framed pieces of art that create reflections.

Less Is More

In doing up a not so large space, remember that less is more. So instead of many small pieces filling up the room it is better to have fewer large pieces, giving it, at the cost of sounding repetitive, an illusion of expanse.

Zones Evocative Of Rooms

When space does not allow you to have different rooms for different activities, don’t fret. You can still create zones within the limited space that subtly announce different activities and evoke not just the feeling of multiple rooms but also of more space. A canopy or a curtain around the bed, a curtain separator for the kitchen or even a pull down screen are great to create this effect.

Soothing tones

When doing up a small place remember to go in for colors & tones that are pleasing to the eye & also make the place seem far more spacious.


Bespoke Furniture

Go in for customized furniture that does full justice to the available space. Those nooks & crannies can be creatively used as storage space or more. Similarly, sliding doors for closets & bathrooms go a long way in saving space. Remember, when the house doesn’t seem cluttered, it doesn’t seem small.

A perfect blend of style with functionality is sure to be your reward with these small tips, allowing you to enjoy your apartment without feeling cramped for space in any way.

5 financial follies women make ­— and how to avoid them!

Asha Sharma works as a Sales Manager in a large MNC. Juggling a corporate job, home and a school-going child is by no means easy. Years of doing this makes Asha a pro!

If there is one area, however, where this woman-of-the-world is cripplingly dependent on her husband, it is when it comes to the M word. All her money matters, be it fixed deposits, mutual funds or insurance policies are the sole domain of her husband.

Sounds like a familiar story? Probably now is the time to ponder over this:

  • Multitasking fits us like second skin.
  • We are great at setting goals (and sticking to them!). Remember the weight loss regime you stuck to despite odds, just last year. Or, how you planned that surprise vacation for him down to the last detail, months in advance!

And just as we get ready to pat our backs, comes this incriminating piece of data:

  • When it comes to financial planning, our mind simply draws a blank!

In Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich: 75 Avoidable Mistakes Women Make with Money, Dr Lois Frankel believes that the reason girls don’t get rich is because of the social messages they receive when they’re growing up. “Money is power, and most little girls are not taught to be powerful — they are taught to be nice.”

Well, irrespective of whether you want to be nice or powerful, here are the top 5 financial mistakes to avoid:


If you are earning a decent salary, paying a sizeable portion of the joint home loan that you and your spouse have picked up and yet fully switch off whenever somebody mentions Mutual Funds, Bonds, Pension Scheme etc, you are not alone. Except, that there is no strength in these numbers!

A recently study conducted showed that only 18% of single working women take their own financial decisions while in case of married women, the figure drops to an appalling 13%. This is perhaps on account of the societal mindset where women are told through their growing years that to marry is to have someone to take care of them. And sure enough, the “taking care” of finances is blissfully left to their better halves, hoping that they will do a “better” job out of it.

Well, knowledge, as they say, is power. All you need to do is get over this mental block on financial matters and take the road to your own financial well-being.


So, you have been a corporate warrior for as long as you can remember and churning out business plans is something that comes naturally to you? How about answering this planning question?

Where do you see yourself financially in 5, 10, 15 years? If your answer is “I don’t know”, it is time to set up a financial roadmap for yourself! Set concrete financial goals and then work towards achieving them – just as you work hard to achieve that sales target or meet that weight-loss target with aplomb.


Most of us go through life as though it will always be what it is like today. Unfortunately, relationships, health or a job do not come with a lifetime guarantee. So go ahead and plan for contingencies – be it keeping aside a contingency fund or not living on credit alone.


Considering the fact that women typically live longer than their partners, not taking enough risk in planning your finances results in a not-so-healthy corpus to spend your twilight years with. Exercise prudence by all means, but do not err so much on the side of caution that you do not look beyond traditional investment products. Sure, a Savings Account or Fixed Deposits are the safest bets but have you also thought of ways of beating inflation and investing in financial products that offer higher returns? If all your life’s earnings are earning a measly interest in your savings account, it is time to take stock.


Finally, whether you find financial decision-making boring or are plagued by the fear of making mistakes, do not be put off these decisions. Learn the ropes yourself, seek advice or hire a financial planner. Either way, take stock financially!

So ladies, it is about time to say goodbye to being “foggy about fiscal”. Instead, get money-wise!

What does your choice of brief say about your personality?

So you have mastered the art of buying lingerie to suit your figure. How about finding out what this well-fitting piece says about your personality? Whether you are feeling powerful or submissive, flirtatious or hopelessly romantic, the tell-tale lingerie says it all! Here’s the cheat sheet:


Underwear is underwear is underwear! If this statement best describes your choice of comfy briefs, “uncomplicated” best describes your personality! You certainly tend to be practical but most importantly you are comfortable in your own skin. That you make no bones about speaking your mind, endears you to the opposite sex.


If granny panties are not your style and yet thongs & G-strings do not quite make the cut for you, you don’t just prefer boyshorts but also the best of both worlds. While you are aware of your femininity, its display is reserved for only that special someone.  He sure is lucky to have you, with what can be called your deeply intimate side.


If you have made a beeline for bikini briefs each time you hit a lingerie store, style meets function, is your personality! Why not? For who has ever said that the two cannot co-exist? From being a romantic at heart to being a tad naughty- you make that transition, quite effortlessly.


An adventurous personality that loves living on the edge. That’s you! There are no two thoughts about the fact that you have an amazing body…….and you love to flaunt it!


Just as you thought you have decoded your lingerie personality….hold your breath, there is more…

What do the colours of your choice say about you?

In a revealing study (pun intended) psychologists have said that the choice of color of your underwear reveals the kind of lover you are.  So here is the opinion that a special someone is forming about you, while you choose the colors innocuously:

•    No marks for guessing this one. In flaming red underwear, he sees you as being passionate & driven.

•    Wear black & you scream power! Sultry Siren did we hear someone say? Well, that is only a part of you. A go-getter with a never-say-die attitude, which is you!

•    Wear pink and while there’s no taking away from your romantic side, your man knows that you are unlikely to take the lead.

•    Dress in white and there is a lot to say about your innocence. Traditional yet romantic, simple things in life are enough to make you smile.

•    Dress in nude colors and polished & classy does not even begin to describe you. That your man sees you as being easy going with no secrets to hide, is an added perk!

How about taking a bra quiz next, to figure out if it “supports” your personality?  Or should we reserve it for another post?  Till then, don’t forget to wear your attitude as you slip into the lingerie of your choice!