Taking care of your hosiery

Taking care of your lingerie is very important in order to prolong the life of your beautiful garments, as well as ensure that they look their best every time you wear them.  If you don’t take care in the way that you wash your delicates, you can stretch them out of shape, and even put holes in them!

As I’m sure you don’t want to look like a tramp with baggy, out of shape hosiery on your legs, read on to find out the best way to care for your beautiful pantyhose, tights, knee-high socks and stockings.

Firstly it is important to know what kind of pantyhose or stockings we are dealing with, so that you can adjust your washing and storage accordingly.

The thickness of your hosiery is called the ‘denier’, and the higher the denier, the thicker your tights or stockings will be.

0-20 denier: These are very delicate, and will vary from nearly transparent to semi-sheer in thickness. Ideal for wearing during hot summer months!
20-40 denier: These are thicker tights more suitable for office wear and any outfit that requires more durability.
40+ denier: This level of thickness is great for wearing with thick winter clothes and boots to keep you warm in the winter months.


Some of the best advice I have ever received about putting on stockings, is to MOISTURISE your hands! Dry skin or a sharp nail end can snag on your tights and put a hole that will turn into a huge run by the end of the night! Take care and file any snags away, and make sure your hands and feet are smooth and moisturised for sexy pins.

Putting them on:

Of course, as with putting on a bra properly you should also take care when putting on your stockings. If you’re putting on a pair of thigh-high stockings, carefully bunch them up so you are holding the majority of the stocking together in your hands, then start with your toe and slowly pull the stocking up your leg, adjusting as you go. If it becomes twisted, sort it out then and there, otherwise you will end up with twisted lines and patterns on your legs if your hosiery is detailed. Carefully and slowly take your time, otherwise you could end up poking a hole in it, which will lead to a huge run by the end of the day!


As with your lingerie, delicate items like stockings must be handwashed. Your thicker tights, pantyhose and socks will manage with a run in the washing machine, but take care and put them in a washbag like Zivame’s wash bag to ensure they don’t get caught on zips or buttons of other items. Stockings are sometimes equipped with silicon at the top which ensures the stocking will stick to your legs. If you put these in a washing machine, the soap and the hot water will ruin their stickiness! Wash gently by hand with a handwash solution, and try your best not to get the silicon wet. Gently squeeze them dry (do not wring and twist them!) and lay them somewhere flat to dry.


Make sure that you carefully store your pairs of thick tights by folding them in half and then tying them in a knot to ensure that they don’t become tangled or get damaged in your drawer. Anything which is less than a 40 denier should be gently placed in a separate fabric bag and kept away from your rummaging hands!

Do you have any advice about hosiery care? What about mending holes or runs?  Please comment below if you have something to share!


Tara x